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Dear colleagues,

This is the first special issue of the journal “Sechenov Medical Journal” dedicated to applied research in neurosurgery.

Neuroscience, especially in its applied, practical, surgical aspects, is one of the most rapidly and intensively developing fields of science and practice today. It is a scientifically and technologically intensive, demanding, and promising field.

Exactly five years ago, the Rector of Sechenov University, Academician P.V. Glybochko, made the strategic decision to further develop world-class neurosurgical science and practice at the University. Within this period, the new clinical base at the Federal Centre for Neurosurgery in Tyumen has been visited by more than 100 internationally renowned leaders of world neurosurgery, who have not only shared, but also advanced with the most state-of-the-art neurosurgical technologies and knowledge. The clinical base at Sechenov University has gained the status of a world reference centre; a recognized area of excellence in neurosurgery. The progress of global neurosurgery is now firmly and inextricably linked to Sechenov University.

This special issue of the “Sechenov Medical Journal” is, I believe, a landmark. It is the first step towards the regular publication of the best cutting edge foreign and Russian research articles in applied neurosurgery, which is both a big step towards the recognition of the Journal by the world neurosurgical society as one of the internationally acknowledged journals in neurosurgery and neuroscience, and a step towards increasing the significance and authority of Russian medical science in the world.

Albert Sufianov, MD, DSc (Med), Prof.
Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery,
Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University,
Chief Physician and Medical Director,
Federal Centre of Neurosurgery of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Tyumen, Russia),
Active Member of the World Academy
of Neurological Surgery (WANS),
Chairman of Education Committee of Asian Congress
of Neurological Surgeons (ACNS),
Member of Education Committee of World Federation
of Neurological Societies (WFNS),
Honorary professor of Harbin University

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