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Regenerative medicine and dentistry (Review)

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The review goal. to analyze the prospects of regenerative medicine in dentistry Materials. Repin V.S., Rzhaninova A.A., Shamenkov D.A. “Embryonic stem cells: fundamental biology and medicine” (Moscow, 2002), relevant papers from PubMed (MeSH). Conclusion. Regenerative medicine is one of promising areas of modern medicine: in dentistry, for example, various stem cells (e.g., stem cells of bone marrow, stem cells of adipose tissue, and others) can be used to regenerate tissue defects. Moreover, dental stem cells (e.g., dental pulp stem cells, stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth, stem cells from apical papilla) can be used to regenerate nervous tissue, myocardium, cartilages, liver, pancreas. The antiviral therapy with third molars stem cells can prevent cell malignization, in particular hepatic cells. However it is necessary to keep in mind possible adverse effect of regenerative treatment itself.

About the Authors

D. E. Suetenkov
Saratov State Medical University
Russian Federation

A. P. Petrova
ФГБОУ ВО Саратовский ГМУ имени В.И. Разумовского Минздрава России
Russian Federation

K. U. Zobnin
Saratov State Medical University
Russian Federation

T. N. Zhevak
I.M. Sechenov First MSMU (Sechenov University)
Russian Federation


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