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In the examined patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), the VEGF level in blood was 2 times higher than the control and 30 % higher in the high-positive patients with anti-CCP. VEGF correlated with clinical parameters of severe RA, high disease activity, effusion to the joint cavity and hypervascularization of the synovial lining. The concentration of FGF in the blood in RA patients was 2.5 times higher than control and 25 % higher in the high-positive patients with anti-CCP. FGF correlated with the duration of the disease, parameters of clinical course, the synovial thickening, the presence of pannus and osteochondral erosion. High levels of VEGF, FGF in the blood can be used as markers of severe destruction diseases in RA patients

About the Author

E. B. Komarova
State Institution «Lugansk State Medical University» of the Lugansk Peopleʼs Republic
Russian Federation


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