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No 4 (2017)
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12-14 243
The work was done on female Wistar rats aged 1, 10, 20, 30, 60 days, 1 and 2 years after birth (5 animals in each age group). Identification of neurons containing calbindin and calretinin, was performed using labeled antibodies. Secondary antibodies were conjugated with FITC and CY3 fluorochrome. Analysis of drugs was carried out on a fluorescent microscope with the appropriate filter set and a cooled digital CCD camera Tucsen TCC 6.1ICE. To study the size and percentage of neurons in digital images of histological preparations the program Image J was used. In the early postnatal ontogenesis there is an increase in the share of calbindin- and calretinin - containing neurons in the intramural nodes of the intestine, which is the opposite of agerelated changes in the content of calciumbinding proteins in the cerebrospinal and the sympathetic nodes
15-20 289
Sex variation of linear parameters of ethmoid bone structures depending on visceral cranium structure are studied in this article. Latitudinal, altitudinal and longitudinal measurements of orbital and cribriform plates of ethmoid bone and their mean value were obtained by the computer craniometric method. The combination of the computer craniometric method and the computer program “Cranio” developed by us allowed using the method of three-dimensional topometry for getting data on space relations of these structures in nasal cavity. The parameter variation of ethmoid bone structures depending on visceral cranium structure was revealed. Sex and bilateral variation of linear parameters of studied structures were not found. The mean value of parameters with insignificant variation can be recommended for working out optimal surgical accesses in otorhinolaryngology. It is necessary to conduct the computer craniometry for initial definition of visceral cranium structure in the preoperative examination procedure of the patients with chronic rhinosinusitis.
21-24 236
This article is devoted to the study of the dynamic characteristics of long bones in norm. The dynamic characteristics in the form of AFC and PFC were obtained as the result of experiments by the method of functional biomechanical tests. This method allows the study of the functional state of long bones without the involvement of x-rays. The software Matlab and Python was used for calculations and plotting the dependencies. Practical experiments were conducted using laboratory equipment, which allowed to describe the dynamic properties of long bones as a response to a typical impact and to relate them to the parameters of bone density.
25-29 276
A study of the structure and biomechanical properties of knee joint ligaments in 200 fetus corpses at the age of 12 to 38 weeks of intrauterine development was conducted. A correlation was established between age dynamics of elastic-strength properties and complexity of fibroarchitectonics of ligaments. The strength limit of the ligament substance decreases with the formation of bundles of collagen fibers of the second and third orders and increases with their maturation. The modulus of elasticity directly depends on the degree of tortuosity and longitudinal curvature of bundles of collagen fibers of the first and second orders. The limiting relative elongation is greatest with relative prevalence of endotenonium over bundles of collagen fibers of the ligaments
30-34 231
In the examined patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), the VEGF level in blood was 2 times higher than the control and 30 % higher in the high-positive patients with anti-CCP. VEGF correlated with clinical parameters of severe RA, high disease activity, effusion to the joint cavity and hypervascularization of the synovial lining. The concentration of FGF in the blood in RA patients was 2.5 times higher than control and 25 % higher in the high-positive patients with anti-CCP. FGF correlated with the duration of the disease, parameters of clinical course, the synovial thickening, the presence of pannus and osteochondral erosion. High levels of VEGF, FGF in the blood can be used as markers of severe destruction diseases in RA patients
35-41 225
Uterine disorders can considerably contribute to infertility. In order to overcome many different causes of female infertility a complex of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures was established. More than 100 bioactive substances influence the process of nidation. Uteroplacental relations are key factor of onset and normal course of pregnancy. The aim of current research is to evaluate prognostic value of expression of steroid hormone receptors and Ki-67 protein in pregravid endometrium of patients with positive results of in-vitro fertilization program. Research included 167 patients who underwent IVF and embryo transfer program in Base Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Krasnodar, in 2016-2017 years. Two groups were formed as follows: the 1st group was made of 72 patients who had pregnancy after IVF program and had full term delivery; the 2nd group was composed of 95 women with the negative result after IVF program. All patients had been examined according to the Ministry of Healthcare Order№ 107n “On applying assisted reproductive technologies, contraindications and limitations of their use” and had their first IVF program. The endometrial biopsy was performed on day 8-11 of menstrual period in order to conduct histological and immunohistochimical analyses. IHC showed irregular expression of steroid hormone receptors in endometrial glands and stroma and altered proliferative activity of those structures in women with unsuccessful IVF. Assessment of steroid hormone receptors expression and protein Ki-67 expression may be considered as additional prognostic criteria of success in IVF. Immunohistochemical analysis of pregravid endometrium can improve diagnosis of uterine causes of infertility.
42-50 272
The aim of research was to analyze the histologic and histochemical condition of vaginal fascia, to compare it to biochemical markers of collagen disintegration and clinical signs of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia in patients with recurrent genital prolapse.The research included 107 patients with recurrent genital prolapse using clinical, phenotypical, laboratory and immunohistochemical assessment. Mean age was 52 ± 3.6 years. Clinically light form of UCTD was found in 14.9 % of patients (1a subgroup), moderate form - in 73.8 % (1b subgroup), severe form - in 11.2 % (1c subgroup).In samples of control group no signs of protein dystrophy were found, muscular fibers were structured. In samples of 1a subgroup some focal homogenized bundles of collagen fibers were found. Immunohistochemistry showed prevalence of type I collagen with focal incorporations of types III and IV.Samples of 1b subgroup showed moderate muscular proliferation. In immunohistochemistry considerable proliferation of type III and IV collagen were revealed, including vascular walls.In subgroup 1c samples showed disorderly located and irregularly stained coarse-fibered collagen. Immunohistochemistry showed type IV collagen all over the surface of samples. Increased level of hydroxyproline in serum were highly relevant to results of immunohistochemical analysis and clinical signs of genital prolapse. Complex assessment of laboratory markers, clinical signs and results of immunohistochemistry helps to verify diagnosis of UCTD.
51-57 238
The aim of our study is to perform a comprehensive evaluation of our experience of immediate implant supported prosthetic treatment utilising new method TREFOIL indicated in cases of severe atrophy of the lower jaw. 3D planning of the implant supported rehabilitation based on clinical data and X-Ray examination (on CBCT evaluation) was performed in Nobel Clinician software with subsequent immediate placement of 3 implants on lower jaw and concurrent delivery of the final prosthesis with standard titanium framework. We applied specially designed Compensation Mechanism to ensure passive fit to the implants. We made time study of the clinical and laboratory stages of treatment, analysed short and long term results of patients rehabilitation. For this concept we used specially designed Nobel Biocare implants with parallel walls and conical connection with the following parameters: diameter - 5.0 mm, length - 11.5/13.0 mm + 4.5 mm. We gained average initial stability torque 38.8 N/cm (from 32 to 47 N/cm) which is sufficient enough for performing immediate loading protocol. Implant and implant supported prosthesis survival rate is 100 %. Average total treatment time is 6.3 hour.
58-62 234
In this work, we study the local immunity of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity in patients with compromised dental status in squamous cell carcinoma by examining the expression of matrixins and tumor markers.In the role of the constituent characteristics of dental status were examined: the use of removable and fixed dentures, dental caries, hard and soft dental plaque, sharp edges of fillings, chipped and cracked teeth and broken dentures. Obtained results were compared with those in patients with sanitized oral cavity, as with squamous cell carcinoma of the mucosa of the oral cavity and of the control group.Noninvasive testing has become increasingly popular and it is relevant to study local immunity through the use of free (unstimulated) saliva and identify biomarkers of type metalloproteinases and tumor markers.
63-69 279
The article presents the system of organization of pharmaceutical aid to the population with excess body weight. The results of sociological surveys of the groups of applicants to the Health Center are shown, determining the socio-demographic characteristics of respondents, problems caused by excess body weight and motivation to its normalization, criteria of selection of drugs and other means to reduce the weight and the willingness of the population to acquire these means. Respondents were stratified according to body mass index, the first stratum - underweight (BMI 18.5), second stratum - normal (BMI of 18.5 -24.5), the third stratum having a need for correction of body weight (BMI 24.5 cm). The market of drugs and other means to reduce weight was analyzed. Physicians’ and pharmacists’ awareness of medicinal drugs and over-the-counter drugs used to reduce weight was studied by peer review method. Survey-based pharmaceutical workers identified Factors influencing the formation of demand for drugs and other means to reduce the weight (trademark, price, advertising, dosage form and convenience of self-administration, medical representative’s performance, personal experience). For each stratum of consumers a differentiated approach to the provision of pharmaceutical care was proposed including the provision of necessary medicines and other means, information and advisory assistance in the selection of the optimum tools for weight loss, a balanced diet and amount of physical activity.
70-73 259
The article reveals the main regulatory legal documents regulating the concept of pharmaceutical counseling. Based on the results of an on-site visitor anonymous survey of 100 pharmaceutical workers in Voronezh the main problems encountered by pharmaceutical workers in the pharmaceutical counseling for the population were identified: lack of information from the client (60 %), lack of understanding on the part of the client (45 %), and the need to improve the knowledge of pharmacists to advise the public and increase the pharmaceutical literacy of the population use of medicines (90 %). Based on the results of an on- site visitor anonymous survey and the Internet survey of 200 consumers the main problems experienced by the population when self-medicating were identified: 50 % of respondents are dissatisfied with the result of self-treatment, only 45 % always follow the recommendations of the pharmacist. Also, the respondents identified the need for reliable information on self-treatment (53 %). The conducted questioning of pharmaceutical workers and consumers revealed the main reserves of increasing the effectiveness of pharmaceutical counseling of the population


4-11 320
The article presents the study of the conditions and lifestyle of students in 37 medical schools. The comprehensive study of the factors shaping the health of the student in a manner involved the social, economic, and psychological characteristics of the study subjects. To obtain a general picture of the student health status, we studied the external factors of the student health in a holistic approach based on five main components: physical health (nutrition, sleepest, illness), spiritual health (selfrealization, plans for the future), social health, intellectual health (education, leisure), emotional health. The data analysis revealed correlation between individual indicators, assessed the contribution of individual components to the students life quality. Managed and conditionally managed priority risk factors were identified, their relationship with the student health was established, and the effect of their reproduction and impact on morbidity was determined. The paper presents modern approaches to the student health culture based on a systematic application of the latest health practice and science achievements. In detail, the main evolutionary factors of a healthy lifestyle are revealed, taking into the account the peculiarities of the student adaptation to the educational process.

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