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The article duscusses the quality assessment of healthcare professionals training in their accreditation. The article proposes a three-stage assessment model. The stages involve stage-specific evaluation tools that reflect the requirements of professional standards. The article dwells upon the tools and methods development in the Methodical Center of Healthcare Professionals Accreditations.

About the Authors

A. A. Svistunov
First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University
Russian Federation

Dr. med. Sciences, Professor, Head of Chair of pharmacology, first Vice rector – Vice rector for innovation policy and international activities

Zh. M. Sizova
First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University
Russian Federation

Zhanna Sizova - Dr. med. Sciences, Professor, Director, of Methodological Center of accreditation.

P. 8, bld.2, Trubetskaya str., Moscow, 119991 Tel.: + 7 916 677 42 02


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