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To determine the optimal type of radical surgery in the treatment of patients with perforated ulcers IQL used in patients 5–10 years after the operation. The best results are marked IQL after SPV 114.0±1,3 ballov which statistically significantly different from the average quality of life after the other radical surgical interventions: TV + PP – 98.67±3,5 ballov; Gastrectomy modification Roux – 101.83±4,2 ballov; Gastrectomy modification Balfour – 98.2 ±3,57 ballov; Gastrectomy modification Hofmeister – Finsterer – 82.5±2,71 ballov (p > 0.05). This is due to the fact that after SPV unlike other radical surgery saved gatekeeper. In the treatment of patients with duodenal ulcer better to give preference SPV. At impossibility of its performance it is advisable to perform gastrectomy in a modification or Roux Balfour, when executed by the bile does not flow in the stump of the stomach and has no effect on the mucous membrane, causing “alkaline” reflux esophagitis and gastritis. Such a differentiated approach to the treatment of patients with duodenal ulcer disease is the prevention of diseases of operated stomach.

About the Authors

N. N. Krylov
First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University
Russian Federation

Dr. med. Sciences, Professor, head. Department of surgery of faculty of preventive medicine

O. V. Babkin
First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University
Russian Federation

Oleg Babkin - Cand. med. Sciences, Assoc. Prof., Assoc. Prof. Department of surgery of faculty of preventive medicine.

d. 5, korp. 1, 158 sq., Rossoshanskaya etc., Moscow, Russia, 119481 Tel.: + 7 926 317-77-15

D. O. Babkin
First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University
Russian Federation

Assistant Department of surgery medical-prophylactic faculty


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