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Who should teach students

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In this paper the authors consider the problem of pedagogical skills of teachers of medical schools, analyze the issues related to the quality of teaching various medical specialties.

About the Authors

I. I. Kosarev
Russian Federation

Doctor of Education, PhD, prof., academician

R. V. Shurupova
I.M. Sechenov First MSMU
Russian Federation

Raisa Viktorovna Shurupova, PhD, Doctor of sociology, academician of the International Pedagogical Academy, academician of Israeli Independent Academy of development of sciences, prof. of the chair of theory and technology of teaching in high school, head of the Department of sociology of health care management of the Research Institute of sociology of medicine, health care economics and health insurance

5–6 Predtechensky side str., Moscow, 123022

8 (495) 622–96–56


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