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No 1 (2014)
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The article introduces the concept of forming a «world-class university», discusses the possible strategies and the way to becoming the leading universities in the world. Shows the evolution of the international rankings, evaluation indicators. Analyzed the specific tasks such as improving the quality of research and teaching, the level of funding and effective management.

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In this work the brief classification of the main of family of fetus anomalies with a correlation of scientic advances in genetics, molecular biology, embryology. The article makes it possible to characterize the current state of development the personalized medicine in the prevention of family of fetus anomalies.

30-39 74


Haglund’s deformity is one of the leading causes of pain and functional disorders in the posterior heel. There is the Haglund Syndrome that consists of retrocalcaneal pain caused by retrocalcaneal bursitis and impindgement Achilles tendon tenopathy due to Haglund`s deformity. Throughout historical rewiev and systematic rewiev of current conservative and surgical treatments for Haglund syndrome performed in the article.

40-46 68

This article discusses the problem of studying fibromyalgia at the present stage, examines the application of the current criteria for the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.


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Stress induced hyperglycemia is a transient increase glucose blood level during the acute phase of ischemic stroke. Hyperglycemia enhances initiated by cerebral ischemia neuronal death, blood-brain barrier destruction, leads to hemorrhagic transformation, promotes the formation of brain edema. This increases the size of ischemic penumbra and increases the severity of neurological deficit. Stress hyperglycemia as a consequence of stress-realizing system activation is a significant pathogenetic link in ischemic stroke patients.

55-62 40

The question of how to use most eff ectively and safely drugs from the group of oral anticoagulants for prevention of thromboembolic complications (TEC) in patients with atrial fi brillation (AF) non-valvular etiology is analyzed in this paper.

63-69 43

The paper presents the current practical knowledge of the pathogenesis of postoperative complications in aortic surgery. Recommendations on the tactics of treating patients and on their preoperative preparation are given in this article.


70-74 28

Mucociliary system disturbances play a significant role in the pathogenesis of bronchopulmonary diseases. Preliminary results of our research concerning mucosiliary system functioning in children with asthma and allergic rhinitis are listed. Digital videocomplex was used to assess functioning of nasal ciliary epithelium. Our data suggest signifi cant structural and functional abnormalities of ciliary epithelium in asthma and allergic rhinitis.

75-78 29

The article considers the role of the endocrinologist in the treatment of patients with Down syndrome. Particular attention is paid to the diagnosis and therapy, an integrated approach to the treatment of complex patients taking into account features of the disease.

79-83 49

This article discusses methods of diagnosis and treatment of community-acquired pneumonia in children, focuses on the practical issues of etiology and symptoms of the disease.

84-89 43

The article under review considers the problem of diagnostics and treatment of Kawasaki syndrome in children. The data of modern research, conclusions about the tactics and strategy of treating a disease are given and discussed.

90-93 44

The article presents the research data on risk factors for progressive AD in children and adolescents. The study enrolled 350 children and adolescents aged 1 month to 18 years with AD of varying severity. The average SCORAD index equal to 20,2±2,8 was regarded as mild, 48,7±2,8 — as moderate and 78,5±3,8 — as severe AD. It has been established that AD is more likely to develop into a severe form if the child has a hereditary allergy history, especcially if allergic diseases can be traced through the maternal line and/or one of the proband’s closest relatives suff ers from AD. Another adverse prognostic criterion for severe AD progression is its early onset, at the age of 3 months and earlier, especially if the desease aquires a severe form from the very beggining. The child’s living conditions also make for developing severe AD forms. There can be traced no diff erences in the levels of total IgE in patients with various AD who have a hereditary allergy history and the others who have not such a heriditary component. The total IgE level is signifi cantly higher in severe forms (р<0,001). In severe AD the frequency of sensitization to the main groups of food and inhalant allergens increases with aging as compared to patients with moderate AD.


94-98 29

The third part of this paper is focused on institutional factor of emergence of neurosurgery as a medical specialty. This factor includes setting up neurosurgery schools, postgraduate neurosurgical training, specialized departments, chairs and institutes, neurosurgical societies and journals. It is concluded that in the interwar period (1920-1930-s) became neurosurgery a separate medical specialty in USSR, Great Britain, France, Germany, USA and Canada. The theory of discipline-making factors might be used for study of emergence of other medical specialties and the phenomenon of specialization in medicine.

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In this paper the authors consider the problem of pedagogical skills of teachers of medical schools, analyze the issues related to the quality of teaching various medical specialties.


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