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Innovative Development of Professional Competence in the Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Various Types Complicated by Ovarian Cysts in Girls and Adolescents (A Review of Domestic and Foreign Research and Practical Experience)

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The article deals with the application of medical knowledge in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of complicated ovarian cysts. Careful attention is given to new methods of surgical treatment on the basis of preliminary research and the collection of extensive statistical material. 

About the Authors

M. A. Kiseleva
V.E. Morozov Children's Clinical Hospital of Moscow
Russian Federation

gynecologist of the Department of gynecology

A. S. Kiselev
I.M. Sechenov First MSMU
Russian Federation

Aleksandr Sergeevich Kiselev, Doctor of Economics, PhD (sociology), UNESCO expert, associate prof. of the chair of medical history, national history and cultural studies

2-2 B. Pirogovskaya str., Moscow, 119435

tel.: 8 (499) 248–57–22


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