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No 3 (2015)
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2014 was remembered in the history of anatomy by the following important dates: the world community celebrated 500 years since the birth of A. Vesalius, the great anatomist of the Renaissance, the 250-th anniversary of the founding of the Department of human anatomy of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University and 150 years since the birth of professor P.I. Karuzin. 2014 was a signifi cant year for the St. Petersburg school of anatomy: marked the 250-th anniversary of P.A. Zagorsky’s birth and 200 years since the birth of the famous anatomist of the XIX-th century V.L. Gruber.

8-17 70

The article deals with the application of medical knowledge in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of complicated ovarian cysts. Careful attention is given to new methods of surgical treatment on the basis of preliminary research and the collection of extensive statistical material. 


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The paper presents the examination results of 46 interns and 10 residents on the subject of hygienic condition of the oral cavity and the results of the survey in the same groups. After the data processing the percentages of the examines with excellent and good hygiene have matched and have reached 80%. A direct strong and reliable correlation has been indicated between PMA/ Muhlemann indices (r=0,8). The collation of the received results with the results of 2012 research (prof. Makeeva I. M., Babina K.S.) allowed to conclude that during the studies at the university the motivation of the students increases and oral hygiene skills accumulate.

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The purpose is to determine the possibility of prognostication of the of acute odontogenic sinusitis development of the maxillary sinus based on the data of the index of leukocytes of blood change аnd determine its prognostic effi cacy in this nosology. We examined 57 persons at the age of 19-52 years, divided into two groups. Group 1 contains healthy persons (15 persons) without pathology of the maxillary sinus. Group 2 included 15 patients who on the basis of the data of radiological methods of examination had the diagnosis of acute odontogenic sinusitis of the maxillary sinus. Group 3 included 27 patients with the diagnosis of acute odontogenic sinusitis of the maxillary sinus, the treatment outcomes and the index of index of leukocytes of blood change were calculated on the basis of the data of the retrospective analysis of archival material. The prognostic effi ciency of index of leukocytes of blood change was 75%. The presented results prove the eff ectiveness of the index of leukocytes of blood change in patients with acute odontogenic sinusitis of the maxillary sinus and the reasonability of its use in clinic and during the out-patient treatment by oral surgeon.


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In this article the review of genetic analysis of circulating tumor DNA as one of the most intensively studied diagnostic methods in oncology is present. Due to its high sensitivity and specifi city and the ability to be used in solving diff erent clinical problems such as diagnosing and then monitoring of tumor burden, evaluating the probability of disease relapse and also correction of therapy used in case of detecting tumor’s resistance to it, this method is one of the most perspective to be implemented into public healthcare. Nevertheless, its high cost, a little quantity of clinical trials and necessity of standardization cannot aff ord this method to be used in clinic now. 

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15 patients with gastric ulcer associated with H.pylori and infected by Candida were under observation. Complex standard antiulcer treatment with probiotics during 8 weeks was not well eff ective. The ulcerous defect in gastric mucosa saved, but decreased in size. Including anti-Candida therapy (fl uconazole 150 mg/per day) for 4 weeks favored scarring ulcerous defect in 100% patients. Candida in gastric mucosa has not defi ned.


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The continuous medical education system forfeit or healthcare administrators existing in the Russian Federations being developed in the Moscow Region by the Postgraduate Training Faculty of Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute. It is based on the control of professional competencies of senior managers of healthcare institutions through face-to-face testing in the computer class and distant testing via the «electronic dean’s offi ce». Those chief physicians who failed the test go through additional studies of the relevant program parts on their own or participate in additional classes run by the Chair of Healthcare Organization and Public Health. 

35-42 54

The use of modern electronic gadgets leads to high rates of work, better assimilation of knowledge and a high level of preparedness of students. Introduction in educational process of new e-learning-notebooks, tablets, e-readers require justifi cation of their safety for health of pupils, and the rapid modernization of electronic gadgets, the speed of these studies. The widespread use of information technology has potential negative consequences associated with Freestyle or unwitting violation or disregard of user’s safe modes that must be followed in the application. The purpose of the research was to study the infl uence of Tablet PC e-learning in secondary school on the functional state of the students. The study was conducted at the beginning and end of lessons using electronic tablets, and without them the 235 pupils of 7–8 classes. Analysis of the responses of the functional systems of the grade 7 students at diff erent school organization not only not improved the tiring eff ects of lessons on using electronic tablets, but also showed greater resistance to fatigue from them than the traditional classroom because of hygienic management of lessons in applying e-learning: the optimal change of activity, the density of 60–80% of the lessons, the total duration of the work with the Tablet for the lesson-no more than 15 minutes continuous / no more than 4 minutes. Training using electronic textbook for eighth graders proved more arduous than classes without Tablet PC: by the end of the lesson, have dropped the speed and accuracy of work, IHI mental performance declined in 3 times, 51% of students complete lessons with explicit and visible fatigue. The infl uence of electronic tablet on tedious functional state of class 8 students due to a variety of reasons (high intensity training with frequent change of training), features of adaptation of pupils not only to new technical means of teaching, but also to the new subject, technical diffi culties in the development of e-learning tools. For an objective judgement on the impact of electronic textbooks on the functional State of an organism students need longer (minimum school year) monitoring. 

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The widespread use of new information technologies in education leads to ad hoc use of modern electronic devices, to the problem of health security in the use of information technology. Visual impairment in children are among the most important medical and social problems of modern society. Research proven rapid increase from 1-st to the 7-th class of the prevalence of myopia among schoolchildren with a tendency to vision to 0,5 diopters each year. The aim of the study was to identify the preferences of teenagers of electronic devices and to study the eff ect of the use of electronic devices in educational and leisure time activities of 7–8 grade students with the complaints. Medico-social survey of pupils of 7–8 classes defi ned the «rating» of electronic devices for children, used not only as a means of communication, but also to access the Web, leisure (97,5% of the respondents have daily) tablets is used daily by 51,6% of pupils. Complaints about health at work with a gadget note from 7,8% to 40,2%. Analysis of the respondent’s ailments has revealed the lead complaints of eye fatigue. Working on a computer (43,1%) and laptop (57,9%), mobile phone (57,4%) and tablet (68,1%) have reliable sex diff erences in the prevalence of visual impairment: more females than males have complaints on visual impairments (already in preschool educational institutions — 3,1% of the total number surveyed); later, there has been a progressive increase in the number of children with disabilities (up to 56% by 8-th class). 

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Semantic correctness (high density of meanings), terminological and logical correctness of a pedagogical text giving motivation to a reader trying to understand an adequately interiorized text contents are discussed in the article.

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