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Cellular composition and microanatomy of lymphoid formations of the vestibule of the vagina in postnatal ontogenesis

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Aim - presents data on the number of cells of the lymphoid series and the cellular composition of the lymphoid tissue in the mucosa of the vaginal vestibule at different age periods of ontogenesis. Materials and methods. The study material was preparations of the vaginal vestibule taken from 45 women of different ages (from newborns to 75 years). By age periods, the material was subdivided according to the standard scheme of age periodization. Cross sections of the organ wall were stained with hematoxylin - eosin and according to Van Gieson. In a number of cases, the silvering of Grimelius was performed. Obtained during the study of digital data were subjected to statistical processing. Results. Analysis of the results showed that lymphoid formations are located mainly near the glands. Glandular - lymphoid relationships are less impressed in newborns, to the maximum extent from early childhood to the 1st period of adulthood, in the elderly and senile age of cells. There are fewer lymphoid rows near the initial divisions and in the stroma of the glands. The lymphoid apparatus of the vaginal vestibule is represented by all the morphogenetic forms of the lymphoid tissue. The qualitative composition of lymphoid tissue is of the same type in all its morphogenetic forms, regardless of age. It has been established that there are close microsynthopic connections between immune structures and small glands of the vestibule. The intensity of these relationships has ontogenetic features. They are relatively weak in new - borns, are maximal in early childhood and weaken after the 1st period of adulthood. Conclusion. The study allowed us to identify previously unknown patterns of morphogenesis of lymphoid structures of the vaginal vestibule.

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S. V. Shadlinskaya
Azerbaijan Medical University
Russian Federation


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