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No 1 (2010)
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7-12 40

Role of N.I. Pirogov in development of modern medical education is discussed


13-17 56

History of development of operative surgery and topographic anatomy and their role in medical education system are discussed

18-21 27

Role of internal disease course in modern medical educations and significance of physical examination skills are discussed

22-25 25

Education becomes one of the most profitable fields of national economy, especially as one of the export facilities. Global educational space was created by Western European countries in order to participate in the world competition in educational industry. Russian Federation supported this initiative and created the necessary prerequisites for brand reinforcement in educational market. Medicine is one of the most called for braches of education in foreign students. It is expected, that entry of Russian Federation into European educational alliance will make medical educational services more attractive.

26-28 35

Contribution of N.I. Pirogov into development of military medical service and military surgery is discussed


29-35 30

Principles of management of patients with acute gastrointestinal bleedings due to peptic ulcer disease are discussed with emphasis to opportunities of endoscopic haemostasis, antisecretory treatment. Original group of 1408 is analysed, according to the results of this analysis algorithms of haemostasis control and of intervention are shown.

36-40 32

Aim of the study. To evaluate efficacy of surgical treatment of adenocarcinoma of the esophagus and cardia with use of transhiatal approach.
Materials and methods. Results of surgical treatment of 75 patients with adenocarcinoma of the esophagus and cardia, who underwent surgical treatment in 2006–2009. In all cases transhiatal approach was used.
Results. Postoperational complications were observed in 14,6%, postoperational mortality was 2,6 %. 2-year survival was 56,92±0,3%, 3-year survival –33,8±0,2%, 5-year survival – 20,9±0,7%.
Сonclusion. Surgical treatment of adenocarcinoma of the esophagus and cardia is low-traumatic, radical and leads to improvement of patients survival.

41-46 43

Aim of the study. Evaluation of efficacy of plasma currents in treatment of soft tissue wounds.
Materials and methods. 682 patients with purulent inflammation of soft tissues were included into the study: in all of them argon and plasma-air currents were used. The results were compared with 440 patients, who received only standard therapeutic regimens.
Results. Use of plasma-air currents was associated with diminishing of frequency of necrectomy procedures, intra-operative blood loss and postoperational pain. Plasma current accelerated necrolysis, regeneration and epythelisation of wound defect, as well as reduction of paravasal inflammation in patients with thrombophlebitis.
Conclusion. Plasma current use is effective in treatment of inflammatory diseases of soft tissues.

47-55 43

Aim of the study. Determination of characteristics of anatomical zones, which can be used for collection of revascularized cortico-periostal transplants.
Materials and methods. Anatomy and haemodynamic characteristics of tissue complex, localised in the areas, which can be used for the collection of revascularized cortico-periostal transplants, were studied.. In 16 corpse (7 male, 9 female) selective angiography of intraosteal vessels with staining by methylene blue was performed. Duplex ultrasound scanning of this areas was performed in 12 healthy males.
Results. Peak systolic velocity was maximal in arteria radialis. According to anatomical and haemodynamic characteristics, revalcularized cortico-periostal transplants of radial bone has some advantages.
Conclusion. Revascularized cortico-periostal transplants should be chosen according to anatomic and haemodynamic characteristics.

56-62 125

Approaches to determination of prognosis and management of patients with peptic ulcer disease, complicated with gastrointestinal bleeding

63-68 31

In biological fluids of trauma patients the essential changes in soluble forms of immune system cells membrane antigens in different states have been revealed. The soluble forms of membrane antigens, which can makes up oligomers, consists of subunits, belong to one antigen, or which can make up soluble complexes (associations), composed of pair receptor–ligand. The changes in concentration of soluble analogs of membrane antigens in patients with mechanical injury, craniocerebral trauma and burning injury are the perspective prognostic markers of possibility of development complication. The state of soluble differentiation molecules pool is one from factors which define the outcomes of underlying disease. Peculiarity of immune system cells transcriptome, associated with mRNA of soluble and membrane differentiation antigens have prognostic character in trauma patients.



75-78 26

This article deals with anthropological views of a famous Russian surgeon, teacher and thinker N.I. Pirogoff, who developed the ideas of medical and nature – science anthropology. He considered a human being at a large – scale, which determined his adoption of general philosophical anthropology. From the point of view of this anthropology he examined such problems as space and time of human existence and development, human wholeness and contradiction, man and faith and man and the Universe.

79-80 40

Results and perspectives of Surgical Olympiad as one of the clue elements of basic education of surgeons are discussed

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