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No 4 (2015)
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17-20 23

The article analyzes the results of organ-preserving treatment of patients suff ering from cancer of the cervix. On the basis of literature data and own results it is concluded that conserving therapy of early cervical cancer pathology not only cures the patient, but also contributes to a full medical and social rehabilitation of a woman. 

21-24 26

The article traces the main features and possibilities of laparoscopic approach in the treatment of endometrial cancer in patients with obesity.

25-40 38

The article deals with the application of medical knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of complications with retention formations of ovaries in girls and adolescents. Careful attention is given to new methods of surgical treatment on the basis of preliminary research and the collection of extensive statistical material.

49-52 19

In the article the technique of carrying out educational work in the training of doctors using distance learning technologies is under consideration. The results of the study indicate that the professional education of doctors is most eff ective for self-study in the Internet of works of art: books, movies, websites of medical museums, virtual museums, online guides to cities and regions of Russia, where medical sites, followed by discussions on medical forums.

53-62 31

The article is devoted to an actual problem of modern education – the organization of teaching activities that ensure mastery of each student’s educational outcomes, level of quality in accordance with the requirements of Federal state educational standards. The educational material on the orientation phase of the teaching activities in the preparation of training sessions is described. The article presents new types of didactic means: «scheme of orientation in the training material», «table of orientation in the subject», «map of orientation in the activities» improving the quality of student’s mastery of elements of knowledge in the structure of competences. The function, structure and content of these tools, the scientifi c methods of their construction by a teacher are described. The novelty of this work is to use the scientifi c principles of competence-activity approach to solving the problem of the study.

63-73 33

The article attempts to describe the concept of development and change of research programs of the hungarian scientist Imre Lakatos, to defi ne features of his scientifi c methodology and his views on the history and philosophy of science in the context of the information society.

74-79 22

From positions of cognitive and social psychology influence of the identity of the doctor on health and a course of disease of the patient is considered. At the heart of work the concept of the Nobel Prize laureate D. Kahneman is put. Two types of cogitative activity of the person are discussed (System 1 and System 2). The evaluation of the physicians the patient is provided by System 1. Advantages and shortcomings of System1cognitive mistakes of patients are considered.

80-82 20

The article discusses the importance of literature for training and becoming a doctor, determines the leading methodological and conceptual features of teaching literature in medical school and discusses the various situations, described in a literary work, in the classroom.


41-44 36

In the article taking into account the personal experience of organizing teaching activities by the group of authors substantiated the algorithm of annual planning of work of departments of medical education organization, lists the main sections and activities that should be included in the work plan of the Department for the year, refl ected the leading role of head of the Department in this area.

45-48 39

One of the most important components of students' health is a balanced diet. Features lifestyle of students, characterized by a defi cit of the consolidated time high pace of life, a large overvoltage of the nervous system, lead to violations of the regime, the nature and conditions of supply. This is a risk factor for many diseases. In this regard, the aim of the work was to evaluate the characteristics of the nutrition of students aff ecting their health. As a result of the research it has been found that a signifi cant part of the students are fed at least three times a day. The mean values of body mass index in men determined at the upper limit and a substantial portion of them are marked symptoms of hypertension. Most non-diet relationship established with gastrointestinal disease, symptoms of overweight and functional disorders of the endocrine system.


4-11 34

This publication describes severe complication after cardiac surgery – acute renal failure; the current literature on the development of acute renal failure after cardiac surgery. In publication report reason of acute renal failure, the criteria for diagnosis are viewed. The criteria for diagnosis are discussed, taking into account the specifi cs of kidney damage after cardiopulmonary bypass or a long period of ischemia. The article describes methods of reducing kidney damage during cardiac arrest during thoracoabdominal aorta surgery. The information is presented in terms of the clinician, they can be applied in everyday practice of the surgeon. Accounting data presented will reduce the incidence of this complication. 

12-16 16

Using image analysis software calculates the distribution of points of polyp bowel picture brightness and color, as well as the rate of brightness and color gradients. Next, using statistical analysis founds connection with clinical indicators of image characteristics. It was found that the calculated characteristics allow to determine accurately the diagnosis. 

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