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No 2 (2012)
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This paper is a review of researches on the mechanisms of hand muscle dystonia the example of which is writer's cramp (WC). WC is a movement disorder — specific kind of dystonia characterized by excessive involuntary muscle contractions, which lead to the formation of abnormal posture during the execution of motor tasks and elective violations often involving highly precise, repetitive movements. WC pathophysiology remains unclear. A lack of inhibition at different levels of the sensorimotor system is considered as one of the basic mechanisms of muscle dystonia. Directions in the study of causes of muscular dystonia (WC) are provided: genetic and neurophysiological examination (transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), evoked motor potential (EMP)), neuroimaging techniques (functional MRI, positron emission tomography, PET, a method of threedimensional video analysis of movement.

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The results of surgical treatment of 700 patients with preoperatively detected drug resistance are analyzed. The majority of patients were with fibro-cavernous, cirrhotic tuberculosis, chronic empyema, caseous pneumonia (78.1%). Chemotherapy was performed on individual schemes including MBT sensitivity. Glutoxim and Pentaglobin were used as pathogenetic therapy for correction of immunity. Predominant type of resection surgery — 529 (68,6%), surgical interventions — 121 (15.7%), toracostomy or cavernostomy — 54 (7,0%), pleurectomy — 33 (4,3%), operations on the cult of the chief bronchus — 18 (2,3%), mediastinal lymphadenectomy —16 (2,1%). Postoperative complications occurred in 12,9% of cases, mortality was 1,5%. Laboratory established fact of mycobacteria drug resistance had no apparent effect on the number and type of postoperative complications. The results of treatment depended on the prevalence and complications of tuberculosis, concomitant diseases, weakened immune system and the extent of surgical intervention.



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This article deals with the analysis of the opportunities and prospects for the use of modern staff technologies in medical organizations.

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The article under review is about the professional development of physician, special attention is paid to the process of self-perfection of physician-teachers.

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This article deals with the problem of the correlation between market and social factors in health service organization, the indicators of social effectiveness of management decisions are identified.

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The sociological perspective of human religiousness in the medical and social aspects is investigated in this article.

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The problems of voluntary health insurance and assessment of current situation and the development prospects of paid medical services are raised in this article.

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This entry deals with the problem of improvement of the risk management system for prevention of occupational diseases.

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