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Vol 11, No 1 (2013)
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The article presents the definition, purpose and objectives of clinical epidemiology and describes the differences between evidence-based medicine and clinical epidemiology. The paper presents different aspects of clinical epidemiology (theoretical, methodological and practical) that should be included both in the educational programs and the final goals of learning discipline for students, interns, ordinators and physicians. Nowadays it is necessary to prepare qualified specialists with relevant professional knowledge, skills and abilities of decision makers to use methods for treatment and prevention according to the evidence-based medicine. Many leading medical educational organisations have introduced clinical epidemiology in the main course — as one of the fundamental discipline. Modern educational programs of the ≪Epidemiology≫ discipline require expansion of the teaching of clinical epidemiology, both in the basic educational programs and in the disciplines of choice.


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The results of three different types of studies are provided: 1) statistical study directed at the revelation of the dependency between hygiene and dietary habits of the participants and their oral cavity hygiene level; 2) evaluation of the effectiveness of hygienic products in ≪whole mouth design≫ study; 3) evaluation of the effectiveness of hygienic products in ≪split mouth design≫ study. Oral hygiene status was estimated with OHI-S (Oral hygiene index-simplified, Green-Vermillion, 1964) and Turesky Quigley-Hein plaque index (TQHPI, 1970). Strong positive correlation has been found between the two plaque indices OHI-S and TQHPI. For rapid assessment survey with a great number of participants the OHI-S was considered as the most suitable because of the time and additional equipment reduction. However this index showed the low sensitivity in comparison with TQHPI on the field of revelation of effectiveness of hygienic products. In ≪split mouth design≫ study OHI-S was not informative.

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The aim of the paper is to present rehabilitation principles of atypical jaw osteomyelitis — osteonecrosis of lower jaw among addicts to synthetic drug desomorphine. Custom nikelid titanium plates and plexiform guides from superelastic nikelid titanium proved to be effective in reconstruction mandibular defects in drug addicts.

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One of the most important ways of prevention nosocomial infections in outpatient dental practice is disinfection and sterilization of endodontic fi les. The present study evaluated the effect of various methods of disinfection and sterilization on the cutting efficiency of fi les. It was revealed that cutting efficiency of endodontic fi les decreases after all types of sterilization, mostly after sterilization with dry hot air, and at least — after the chemical sterilization. Because the force applied on profile increases after each cycle of sterilization, in this case the probability of fi le breakage increases, too.

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The results of medical studies have enhanced the understanding of the common and individual characteristics of children suffering with congenital cleft lip and palate, and alveolar process. They serve as a justification for the extension of the initial surgery, reducing the time and stages of rehabilitation to get persistent anatomical, functional and aesthetic results. Medical as well physical, psychological, and in some cases social rehabilitation can be achieved in some cases by the start of schooling. In this case, the children go to regular public schools. Scientific and practical results achieved over the past decade, confirm the urgent need for significant changes in the delivery of complex specialized medical care. In the future powerful scientific and rehabilitation centers, staffed with professionals qualified in the application of modern technology will be provided to all who need a comprehensive system of therapeutic intervention. The success of health care in general and, specifically, integrated health and social care for children with congenital disorders, depends on the collective and concerted efforts of the government alongside health care professionals at all levels. It is also vital to make the public aware that such care is available to patients.


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The complex medical and social assessment of the prevalence and duration of breastfeeding in the Chechen Republic and the Republic of Ingushetia based on a survey of mothers of children aged 12–36 months was made. It was founded that the duration of breastfeeding has an impact, first of all, a positive women’s attitude to breastfeeding or dominant lactation and duration of exclusive breastfeeding. The increase of the duration of breastfeeding leads to the introduction of modern medical and organizational measures to protect and support breastfeeding in maternity and child care institutions.

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The article provides a modern interpretation of topical issues of federal state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance of safety and quality of foods. Proceeding from the newly adopted legislative instruments, there are scrutinized the tasks of the sanitary expertise of foods in the modern period; compulsory requirements for foods, including the ones, containing GMOs, nanomaterials, food additives to organic foods; the types of research and their procedural framework; indices, envisaged by the technical regulations; appraisal of results, their documentation; adoption of necessary measures. The acquisition of this knowledge and skills is extremely important for the physicians and nutritional hygiene specialists.


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Rational antihypertensive therapy is effective in the prevention of cardiovascular events and progression of organ damage. When choosing an antihypertensive drug to evaluate the efficacy the likelihood of side effects and benefits of the drug in a clinical situation. The article shows the feasibility of using long-acting drugs to prevent the increase in blood pressure variability during the day, the lack of a sharp rise in blood pressure in the morning and at the same time to prevent episodes of sharp decrease in blood pressure. Gradual and sustained normalization of blood pressure reduces the incidence of myocardial infarction, death from cardiovascular disease, recurrent stroke.

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The treatment of 40 patients with chronic urogenital chlamydiosis with Wilprafenom (500 mg 2 times a day during 21 days) in combination with the drug interleukin-beta, systemic enzyme therapy, physiotherapy and adequate local treatment was made. The clinical cure was achieved in 36 (90%), an improvement — in 4 (10%) cases, bacterial eradication occurred in 38 (95%) cases. The results indicate the high efficiency of treatment.

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In the current work there was performed the development of the method of determination dissolution kinetics in biorelevant media of slightly soluble substance, for example indapamide. The method was validated in terms of specificity, linearity, precision, accuracy, analytical range. The method was applied to dissolution kinetic studies of extended-release indapamide preparations.

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