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Vol 12, No 2 (2013)
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This article provides information about the role of Arkady A. Alfonsky — head of the chair of general surgery, medical school dean, vice chancellor, rector of the Imperial University of Moscow — in the development and improvement of medical education in Russia.

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The article deals with the estimation of sensitivity of different diagnostic methods in differential diagnostics of stomach diseases. We found that the performance of the fluorescent diagnostics is very high in the primary diagnosis of gastric cancer and in the differential diagnosis of benign and malignant stomach lesions: sensitivity — 96%, specificity — 78%. The detection rate of gastric cancer with the use of transabdominal ultrasonography reaches 95,6% for the localization of the tumor in antrum or lower third of the stomach body. The diagnostic accuracy is higher in cases of advanced gastric cancer. We also estimate the diagnostic performance of the multidetector computed tomography in the detection and staging of gastric cancer. Multidetector computed tomography with multiplanar reformation and virtual gastroscopy offers new opportunities for imaging of gastric diseases. The detection rate of gastric cancer using this method is 97% regardless of the localization of the tumor. Diagnostic potential of all mentioned methods of visualization of gastric lesions needs to be further explored.

21-26 6

The article presents the results of many years work carried out at the Department of Surgery of the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU in one of the priority areas — the study of molecular-genetic markers. The possibilities of use of the molecular-genetic markers in treatment of gastric cancer patients are discussed.

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The goal of investigation is to evaluate the immediate and long-term results of treatment of adrenocortical cancer. Materials and methods: the analysis was applied to the results of examination and treatment of 31 patients with adrenocortical cancer. Results: disease-free for up to 5 years of the disease observed in 29,2% of cases. In 16,1% of cases took place a second surgery for local recurrence of the tumor and (or) distant metastases. Conclusion: surgical intervention remains the only method of radical treatment of adrenocortical cancer. The main conditions for radical surgery should be considered as removing the adrenal gland to the surrounding tissue as well as fiber aortocaval gap. Improving long-term outcome is possible with early detection of the disease, careful dynamic monitoring in the postoperative period, the development of more effective chemotherapy regimens carrying on the testimony of biotherapy, implementation of cytoreductive operations with impossibility of radical intervention.


33-40 23

The study of the genital system' vessels in patients with erectile disfunction and chronic prostatitis was accomplished using ultrasound Dopplerography and pharmacological testing by phosphodiesterase inhibitors of 5th type (PDEI-5). The positive impact of PDEI-5 (such as Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Udenafil and Tadalafil) on organs' blood supply was revealed. The changes of USDG parameters were found comparable and, at the same time, individual. For patient-specific choosing the medicinal agent it is advisable to perform the pharmacological tests for each patient. The choice of the medicine for treating erectile disfunction and chronic prostatitis should be made on the basis of the results of ultrasound Dopplerography and pharmacological testing for each selected and tested medicine. For this purpose it is preferably to choose the medicine, which improves the blood flow in penis and, at the same time, in prostate gland and in testes.

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The article presents the results of study on urethral mucosa microcirculation using laser Doppler floumetry at 306 patients with chronic uretrogenic prostatitis belonging to different constitutional types, against a background of complex treatment using ozone therapy.


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Violations of the heart rhythm is nowadays one of the most current problems in cardiology. Violations of rhythm to a greater or lesser extent affect the hemodynamic condition from lack of circulation 1 degree up to fully stop circulatory system. Arrhythmia, which are described in this article, do not apply to life-threatening alarm condition is present, but can be the causes for study points out, lack of circulation and other pathological condition which treatment may be more difficult and longer than treatment of arrhythmia. Therefore, the timely and proper treatment of cardiac rhythm is the key lack of the patient's heavy and in individual cases, disabling complications. The key to proper treatment in turn is the correct diagnosis. Among survey methods which are necessary for a correct diagnosis one of the first places took a ECG. In this article the changes in morphology P-wave ECG that may contribute to differential diagnosis are evoked.

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This article presents the results of research of the ultrasound dimensions of the atria and heart ventricles in 80 healthy subjects reached by using an ultrasonic machine SSD-630 (the company ≪Aloka≫, Japan). The authors revealed that echo parameters studied on people aged 25–64 are bigger in diastole than in systole. Thus, the greatest individual variations observed in the LRA, WRA, LLA, LLVH and the greatest difference between diastole and systole in the size of the heart echo parameters observed in the LRA, LLA and LLVH were discussed.


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The article presents the methodological basis for knowledge management as a relatively independent type of special management which aims at the creation, transfer, distribution, storage, use and development of knowledge, as well as the formation and use of the intellectual capital of a scientific (medical) organization. The authors show that in the present conditions in the integration of knowledge management the quality management system becomes a major factor of competitiveness of organizations. The decisive role in the management of knowledge belongs to supporting the development of information systems using a single technology and standardized measurement procedures and formalization of knowledge which influence on the improvement of the effectiveness of the organization.

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The article under review deals with the problem of studying literature and art in the medical high school; the author discusses the role of the Humanities in educational process of formation of physician’s professional competences.


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The article reviews from the present day point of view the topical issues of sanitary and epidemiological expertise of foods under accomplishment of important functions of Federal State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance in the field of Consumer rights protection and human well-being: state registration of particular kinds of production; verification of conformity of legal entities’ and individual entrepreneurs’ activities to new legal acts; quarantine control in the customs check-points of the Customs Union. The importance of the sanitary and epidemiologic expertise is considered to evaluate batches of foods; to substantiate the shelf life and terms of storage of foods; manufacturing control; to set other directions to improve sanitary and epidemiological expertise of foods. The knowledge of these issues will help the specialists and physicians in nutritional hygiene in their practical activity and increase their efficacy.


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