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No 2 (2015)
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In article the basic stages of a course of Alexander Ivanovich Babuhin life are presented. A.I. Babuhin’s scientific works have allowed to lay the foundation for absolutely new direction in histology – histophysiology. In article the analysis of research activity of the founder of the Moscow school of histologists and chair of histology of prof. A I. Babuhin is given and his biobibliography is presented. The created by A. I. Babuhin the Moscow school of histologists testifies to its paramount role in formation of a domestic histologic science.

13-23 52

External respiration consists of relatively independent cycles. During each breath cycle the respiratory center makes a decision about how to meet the respiratory necessity of the body. The infl uence of previous respiratory cycles for the next leads to the formation of the breath cycles continuum.

The method was developed for analysis of unevenness of respiratory rhythm, which takes into account the relative independence of each breathing cycle and the impact of previous respiratory cycles later. It was found that the unevenness of respiratory rhythm refl ects the degree of emotional stress and is not associated with the physical strain of the organism. The uneven rhythm of breathing increased when dietary behavior, mental activity, pain reactions, acute emotional stress, fatigue in real productive activity. Uneven breathing rhythm changed unilaterally with blood pressure (r=0.66) and galvanic skin response (r=0.81). Uneven breathing rhythm changed from 0 to 20 % in diff erent functional states of the body. The increasing irregularity of the rhythm of breathing more than 30 % was short-lived, and was a harbinger of the imminent death of the body. The unevenness of respiratory rhythm was possible to predict the survival of animals in acute experimental emotional stress. Assessment of the degree of analgesia using the uneven rhythm of breathing helped to develop the microwave refl ex therapy. Study of the uneven breathing rhythm in actual work activity contributed to the prevention of the workers morbidity. The hunger motivation in humans was investigated in olfactory stimuli with the unevenness of breathing rhythm. The unevenness of respiratory rhythm has characterized the magnitude of the animals’ emotional reactions over itself stimulation of the brain.


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Objective: study of the application in experimental use of bioengineering construction for the treatment of occlusive vascular diseases. Materials and methods: bioengineering construction is a stent, in which the stiffeners further provided with at least one fixed reservoir therein living culture cells and culture medium. Bioengineering structure is a stent, in which the stiffeners further provided with at least one fixed reservoir therein living culture cells and culture medium. A stent implantation in experimental animals (9 mongrel dogs) was performed under intravenous anesthesia. In seven experiments, 70 days after the operation was carried out repeated selective angiography to assess the patency of stents coated with cultured fibroblasts. In two experiments 2 years after implantation bioengineering construction with rotary aortography with 3D-reconstruction of the renal arteries is also passable, adequate positioning of the stent, evidence of thrombosis of the distal bed is not revealed. Disaggregation treatment in these two animals for two years and was not performed. All experimental animals underwent angiography and were euthanized. The aortal parts with the renal arteries and kidneys were got after autopsy. The stented parts of renal arteries were endothelializied even layer. On a section, we could clearly see location of the stent cells relative to the vessel wall thickness. Сonclusion: Stents coated with cultured fibroblasts, have several properties that provide them advantages over the known products, and in particular: good fi x biomaterial; initially not thrombogenic; stimulate rapid and uniform endothelialization of the stented portion of the vessel; do not lead to restenosis, as do not provoke inflammatory reactions at the implantation site.

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Aim of the research was to distinguish a frequency of cases of pathological tooth attrition between the patients having different malocclusions and asking for orthodontic treatment. There was an analysis of 1010 clinical cases of patients from 8 to 55 years old, who’ve been receiving treatment at the orthodontic department of Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I. Evdokimov in a period of time from January 2002 to December 2013. Intra-oral images and diagnostic teeth models were analyzed during the investigation. Therefore, during the research it was discovered that 22% of all patients that were examined had pathological tooth wear. All of the cases were divided in groups according to MSUMD Classification (1990). To sum up, as a result of calculation there might be a conclusion that more frequently tooth attrition was registered in the cases of the distal occlusion (Class II) combined with a deep-bite. Mostly front teeth were suffering. Research also makes it clear that malocclusion plays an important role in the development of pathological tooth attrition.


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Held the physiological-hygienic evaluation of the impact of effective educational plan for the functional status of senior high school students. The aim of the research was to study the effect of the mode in general education schools on 5-day training week on the functional State of the students 10-11 classes. Used modern physiologicalhygienic, clinical and statistical methods to assess mental health, emotional state, development of fatigue and neuroticism students 10-11 classes. Analysis of indicators characterizing the functional status of the body of pupils 10-and 11-grade in the dynamics of the school day and week, showed reduced functionality by the end of the course students and their restoration to the morning of the following day. In the dynamics of the school days were uncomfortable emotional States, reflecting the anxiety of schoolchildren, they often met 1.4 in adolescents 11 grades, compared to 10 grades. In the dynamics of the school week was granted the high fatigue, but increasingly these negative changes expressed in adolescents 11-th classes. 39% have 10-46 per cent of students and grade 10 11 grades identified adverse reactions in blood pressure in response to week-long academic load. More than half of the surveyed teens had increased and a high level of neuroticism, especially high values are observed in 11 classes. The learning process in terms of effective curriculum in senior high school accompanied by tension of the functional State of the body of adolescents.

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Activities aimed at maintaining the health in the educational institution should be aimed at creating a hygienically sound learning environments. The aim of the research was to study the effect of the mode in general education schools on 5-day training week on the State of health of pupils 10-11 classes, and also features the day students. Survey of 163 students 10 and 11 classes Moscow secondary school was conducted in the classroom, anonymously, in duplicate: one survey at the beginning of the school year, in September, 2014. the second questionnaire, when students have adapted to the new building of a school week, 7 weeks after, in November 2014, students 10-11 classes were taught to 5-day school week, at 6-7 lessons every day, with a maximum load of 34 hours a week. The vast majority of teenagers receptive to lessons on 5-day week in senior classes, 82.8% of high school seniors feel rested by Monday. Classes in high school are boys less pronounced fatigue than girls. Prevalence is higher among girls of the asthenic and neurotic reactions in the form of wet, frequent changes of the mood, the fear of attending school and the control of knowledge; the 46.2% high, there are a number of different violations of menstrual function; 35% of students have complaints on violations of; 45-52% of high school students suffer from pain in the muscles of the back and neck while sitting, lengthy walking and bending of the trunk. The prevalence of complaints among students 10-11 classes testifies to the need for consultations with medical specialists-Podiatrist, ophthalmologist, neurologist.

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The article summarizes the experience of teaching the subject «Using IMIAS of Moscow with medical personnel» at the Medical College № 1 of Moscow Health Department. The author lists the forms of theoretical and practical training, promotes better learning outcomes, as well as the types of extracurricular independent works. Usefulness of this material may be not only in the teaching of the above-mentioned disciplines, but also in the classroom, related to the study of any application software.

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This article analyzes the process of admission of undergraduate students to practical work on post-secondary staff.

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The paper attempts to review the scientific revolution in physics of the XVII-th century in the context of the ideas put forward and justified in the book of Western philosopher Thomas Kuhn «The Structure of Scientific Revolutions». The main focus is on the process of creation of Newtonian mechanics as the antipode of the mechanics of Aristotle and Ptolemy system of the world. Illustrating this thesis Kuhn as a «paradigm shift anomaly», «duration of a paradigm shift», «constructive scientific crisis», «open-type theory indused» and others. The philosophical views of Newton as a system are analyzed.

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The interrelation of information, nano-, bio-technologies with cognitive sciences is viewed, defined its methodological and philosophical background. These technologies do not develop in isolation, but actively interfere with each other. This phenomenon of mutual reinforcement in technologies has been called «NBICS-convergence». Through NBICS-convergence there is an opportunity of qualitative growth of human capabilities.


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Currently, relevant studies are related to the development of private pharmacopeia articles with the requirements for medicinal plant raw materials and homeopathic mother tincture used in homeopathic practice. The article presents a brief overview of the history of the use of snowdrop in the offi cial allopathic and homeopathic medicine. Some aspects of standardization of medicinal plants and tinctures of homoeopathic matrix of Voronov snowdrop (Galanthus woronowii Losinsk) and Galanthus nivalis.

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