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Vol 14, No 4 (2013)
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Modern personificative medicine uses a high technological methods of diagnostics; the treatment is based on using the results of fundamental sciences including constitutional anatomy. A field of its scientific interests is a study of peculiarities of individual and typological changeability of body construction. A lot of new completed papers and dissertations attest about significant practical using of the anatomo-antropometric method. This method can be used in individual clinical and prophylactic medicine due to its simplicity.

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This paper deals with the problem of basic role of physiology in medical activity. The physiology description and directions of its development are presented. The history of physiology development is observed, especially Russian school of physiology. The thoughts of the great physiologists (Georg Prochaska, Claude Bernard, Ivan Sechenov, Ivan Pavlov, Pyotr Anokhin, Konstantin Sudakov) about the basic role of physiology for the medicine are analyzed. In addition, physiological mechanisms of relationship between a doctor and a patient are described. All mentioned lead to the conclusion that the physiology gives not only theoretical knowledge about the clinical medicine, but also the philosophic basis for the medical activity in general.

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Research of the psychological and physiological status of the medical students before and after solving the multiple choice questions were explored. Individual psychological and physiological parameters were studied in 2 groups of students (18–22 years old): 1 group — men and women; 2 – students who solved and not solved the tasks. It was shown that the dynamics of heart rhythm and parameters of haemodynamics illustrate vegetative maintenance of the intellectual activity of the students during solving computer teaching questions.


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Longitudinal co-evolution of human beings and pathogens resulted in polymorphism of Homo sapiens. CCR5Δ32 HIV-resistance allele is the exception to the rules. Recent origin of HIV-1 in Africa contradicted with the appearance of CCR5Δ32 allele in Northern Europe in previous ages. The author proposed non-contradictory theory of primary appearance of ancient HIV-1 in the Northern Europe 7–10 thousand years ago. The primary epidemics of HIV-infection had been stopped by the appearance of CCR5Δ32 mutation among the affected population. Reemergence of HIV-1 nowadays resulted by the penetration of hibernated HIV-1 into population of drug addicts and men having sex with men.

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This article reviews the methodological basic procedures of the allergenic extracts standardization protocols used for the allergen-specific immunotherapy in the world nowadays. The comparative analysis of the normative documents regulating the basic technological stages of allergenic extracts production was carried out. The data concerning the production and quality control of this biological drugs group was generalized. It is shown that the method of tandem mass spectrometry of high resolution combined with high performance liquid chromatography could be advantageously employed in the study area.

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The article deals with the problems of drug therapy of patients with coronary heart disease combined with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease taking beta-blockers.

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With the accumulation of patients — cancer reconvalescentst the rational organization of rehabilitation services both at the hospital and posthospital treatment is very important. There is no unified structure of the organization of such aid in the country up to the present time. This article describes the structure of the department of rehabilitation medicine Institute of pediatric oncology, hematology and transplantation named after R.M. Gorbachev (St. Petersburg) and the organization of the provision of rehabilitation services including sessions with a psychologist, exercise therapy, entertainment and leisure activities. There is a high level (71,8%) of parents’ with sick children satisfaction in assistance provided. The article also contains proposals for optimizing the provision of rehabilitation services to children with hematologic malignancies.

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The information about condition as a part of the problem of municipal urgent ENT-help for public of Russian Federation is interesting for practicing physicians. The more often causes of nasal bleeding and organizing problems by their treatment are studied. Contemporary methods of treatment of those diseases are presented. With the aim considerable the improvement quality of medical help for patients by this type of urgent ENT-pathology and the organization roads of decision of this problem are proposed.


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The article views the history of formation of the first medical schools of ancient world and further development of medical science in the modern world. Particular attention is paid to the development of scientific component of practical medicine.

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The second part of this paper analyses the role of scientific factor in emergence of neurosurgery. It includes special diagnostic methods, surgical instruments and new operative approaches. Aseptics, antiseptics and anesthesia as well as topical diagnosis of neurological disorders are rooted in the progress of natural sciences. Such diagnostic methods as pneumovetriculography, pneumoencephalography, myelography, cerebral angiography and EEG were invented in 1910–1920-s. Cranioplastic craniotomy enabled to enlarge trepanation window. New surgical instruments (such as Gigli saw, de Martel electric trepan, electric suction, hemostatic clips, electrocoagulation etc.) and new surgical approaches to brain structures (transnasal, suboccipital, perforation of third ventrical floor etc.) reduced postoperative mortality and facilitated neurosurgery interventions.

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The article covers the problem of each student’s educational activity organization in the Higher Medical School which is the main condition of his effective competence development. The article describes the contents of ≪educational activity≫, its characteristics, structure and contents, conditions of its organization at studies on the basis of activity and system approach in education. The article presents new types of pedagogical means: ≪student’s studybook≫, ≪mental scheme≫, ≪the book of activity reference schemes≫ which organize each student’s effective educational activity at studies.

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This paper describes additional methods of data analysis of the sociological survey used to solve a variety of research and practical problems in the field of sociology of medicine.

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