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No 3 (2016)
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Disability is an essential criterion for public health, which identifies high mortality rates, low longevity and quality of life. The article analyzes the problem re disability in the adult population in the Russian Federation with focus on the major category of elderly persons. The results of the study in the proportion of older people with disabilities in the disability re-structure, dynamics and level of the repeated disability due to all classes of diseases according to ICD 10 for a long period (2005–2014). The results of the analysis indicate about the dynamics of increase of re-entry for senior citizens on disability due to basic socially significant diseases in the Russian Federation by reducing this rate among young and middle-age. Determined the leading nosologies in the structure of the secondary disablement: diseases of the circulatory system (1 rank), malignant neoplasms (rank 2), illnesses of bone-muscular system (rank 3), diseases of the organ of vision (4 rank), diseases of the endocrine and nervous systems (5th – 6th ranking place), mental disorders (7 rank), the effects of trauma and poisoning (8 rank). Especially the growing dynamics of the level of disability seen in the categories of older people with disabilities due to malignant neoplasms, over a ten-year period increased from 10.1 to 41.6 per 10 thousand of the relevant population.

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The article analyzes the coronary artery disease (CAD) related disability in Russian Federation in 2006– 2014. The article shows trends, degrees and structure of general CAD-related disability by age and gender. In 2006– 2014, CAD-related disability was high but demonstrated a downward trend. The percentage of newly disabled is significantly higher in the disability structure. The percentage of disable of 55–60 is high and tends to increase. The degree of disability is highest in middle-aged persons. In 2006–2009, the persons with II degree disability prevail, in 2010–2014 the persons with III degree disability prevail; consequently the rate of II degree disability is higher in 2006–2009, while the rate of III degree disability is higher in 2010–2014.


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The article discusses the morphometric neurocranium criteria for children of pre-school age (4–7) ontogenesis and evaluates the basic parameters for their possible mathematical prediction. The patients were examined by MRI. Gender variability of the neurocranium morphometric parameters in children of pre-school age (4–7) was manifested in the bigger cranium sizes in boys, with the exception of cephalic index that was bigger in girls. The study revealed moderate correlation between age and cranium longitudinal and transverse dimensions – correlation coefficient was 0.41–0.74. The correlation between vertical size and the age in the period of intensive growth was rather high, the correlation coefficient was 0.65–0.82. Correlation in gender and age groups was positive. The correlation allowed developing regression models and nomograms for the prediction of the cranium size, depending on the age with high informational value (95%). The size and range of their variability determined in vivo for different age groups of postnatal ontogenesis were considered in indicators for metric data objectification in clinical pathology diagnosing (department of magnetic resonance and computed tomography).

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The article reviews the literature on adoptive T-cell therapy of malignancies. Adoptive T-cell transfer allows treatment of metastatic disease on the late stages of certain tumors. The method has a number of advantages before traditional antitumor therapy. The special attention is paid to the possibility of adoptive cells genetic programming, which increases the treatment effectiveness and safety in cancer patients. The article also discusses the method introduction into clinical practice.

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In the article the principle of the classification of the anatomical shape of the object with complex geometry – distal femoral epiphysis. The approach is based on a study of the ratio of the length, width and height of the medial and lateral condyles of the object being studied. For the first time shows sexual dimorphism in the shape of distal femoral epiphysis – from women significantly more often than men, found the prevalence of the length of the medial condyle of the lateral length. It is possible that this feature may be due to changes associated with childbirth.

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The article discusses organizational patterns of athletes’ functional activity from the functional systems theory prospective. The psychological and physiological processes in athletes determine their activities and are aimed at sports results achievement. Athletes' physiological capacity is in turn determined by the motivation, sports skills, external information, emotions and coach’s instructions. The sequence in the intermediate and final sports results achievement by athletes is described from the prospective of behavioral systemic quantization concept. The process of improving athletic performance is combined in a continuum of athletes’ training and competitive activities. The fatigue processes in athletes' viscera and functional systems are analyzed in their dynamic interrelation. The article demonstrates the efficiency of the systemic approach to analyze athletes' reserve capacity increase resulting from fatigue and physical performance decrease resulting from overfatigue.

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А comparative study of antihypoxic effect of complex compounds of zinc acetate with N-allenyland N-isopropenylimidazole, complexes immobilized on the sulfated arabinogalactan, and well-known antihypoxants, and/or antioxidants: ethomerzol, mexidol and nooglutyl has been conducted on nonlinear white mice-males in experiments. It is shown that in conditions of acute hypoxia of different Genesis, the complexes of zinc with N-alkenylmidazoles showed a pronounced antihypoxic effect in the dose range of 10–100 mg/kg, i/p, on 16–317% life span of animals increasing compared with the control groups of animals that surpasses the effect of known antihypoxants: etomerzol (25–100 mg/kg, i/p), mexidol (100 mg/kg, i/p) and nooglutyl (25–100 mg/kg, i/p). Complexes immobilized on the sulfated arabinogalactan were ineffective.


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The article discusses the evaluation of cytokine level (IL-1β, IL-6) in patients with II–III functional class stable angina. In the group of patients with II–III class stable angina, the standard therapy failed to normalize the level of proinflammatory cytokines IL-1β and IL-6. In the group of patients with II–III class stable angina when the standard therapy combined with TES-therapy significantly reduced level of proinflammatory cytokines (IL-1β, IL6). TES-therapy decreases painful systemic inflammatory response more effectively than the standard therapy thus preventing damaging effect of proinflammatory cytokines. TES therapy produces a homeostatic effect, restores the balance of pro – and anti-inflammatory cytokines. We recommend to include TES-therapy in the standard treatment program in II–III class stable angina patients.

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The article discusses the structure and risk factors of congenital malformations in newborns in Kursk region on the basis of recent data on congenital malformations and hereditary diseases prevention. Particular attention is paid to the improvement of congenital malformations diagnosis.

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The case report a psoriatic arthritis patient (disfiguring form, high laboratory values, changes of the skin and nails) treated with methotrexate. The drug demonstrated high efficacy resulting in stable sustained remission of articular syndrome, documented both by clinical and laboratory parameters, decreased cutaneous syndromes, improved functional activity and better life quality.

63-69 10

The anthropometric study of men in the first nature age (28± found more frequent asthenic (27,1%) and endomorph (29,4%) somatotypes in chronic prostatitis patients compared to general population. Consequently, the endomorphic and asthenic young men are at risk for chronic prostatitis and these findings may be used in clinical practice.

70-78 11

In this article, we review the international literature and our findings irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in women. The study objective was to compare extraintestinal associated symptoms (EAS) at IBS in the women and men groups; to investigate their frequency and characteristics depending on the age, type of IBS and changes in psychological and vegetative status. 245 patients with IBS were enrolled in the study: 183 women and 62 men, aged 19–81 (mean 45.3±6.9), 88 with IBS diarrhea-type (IBS-D), 48 with IBS constipation-type (IBS-C) and 109 with IBS mixed-type (IBS-M). The women with IBS were divided into two groups: under and over 45 (n=90 and n=93, respectively). We diagnosed IBS using Rome III criteria (2006). The EAS analysis of was done with SOMS-2 questionnaire (Screening for Somatoform Disorders 2; Rief W. and Hiller W., 2008). In IBS patients, we evaluated depression using the BDI scale (Beck Depression Inventory; Beck A.T., 1996) and anxiety using the STAI (State-Trate Anxiety Inventory; Spilberger Ch.D.). IBS is more frequent in women both in the reproductive and menopausal period than in men of the same age groups (women/men ratio is 3:1). In the women group, the EAS rate was significantly higher than in the men group, and increased with age (p <0,05). High prevalence of pain syndromes was in both women groups: back pain up to 60–70%, pain in the arms and legs and joint pain up to 40–60%; and increased increased with age (p <0,05). On the contrary, the prevalence of such symptoms as dispareunia, indifference to sex, irregular periods decreased with age. The prevalence of depression, the level of actual and personal anxiety increased in the group of women over 45 compared to the younger group (p <0,05). IBS-C type was diagnosed only in the women group, regardless of the age, and EAS increased with age (p <0,05). EAS are the integral part of IBS. We revealed their prevalence in the women group compared to the men group. The frequency of EAS increased significantly in the elder women group compared to the men. The similar tendency was observed in psychological and vegetative status changes, in particular in depression and anxiety.

79-83 8

This article reviews the main risk factors of the late preterm newborns, peculiarities of neonatal adaptation and development, and long-term neurological outcomes.


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Development of pharmaceuticals on the basis of zinc complexes containing imidazoles as ligand systems appears promising. High activity and a wide range of pharmacological effects of such compounds result from zinc biological role as n essential trace element, and zinc bioavailability with imidazol cycles in the complex structure. The article reviews the molecular mechanisms of zinc homeostasis. The article analyzes the literary data and the data of our studies and discusses the application of zinc complexes with N-alkenylimidazole in medicine on the example of Acyzol.

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