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No 3 (2016) Structure of congenital malformations in Kursk Region in 2014 and ways of optimization of diagnostic Abstract   PDF (Rus)
A. I. Yuzbasheva, A. V. Khardikov
No 3 (2016) Methotrexate in a psoriatic arthritis patient Abstract   PDF (Rus)
K. V. Aleksanyan, E. S. Zholobova, S. N. Chebysheva, A. V. Meleshkina, M. N. Nikolaeva
No 3 (2016) Somatotopical characteristics of chronic prostatitis patients Abstract   PDF (Rus)
Yu. Yu. Vinnik, J. V. Кaracheva, A. S. Maximov
No 3 (2016) Irritable bowel syndrome in women of reproductive and menopausal age Abstract   PDF (Rus)
M. G. Mnatsakanyan, A. P. Pogromov, V. M. Zuev, G. M. Diukova, O. V. Tashchayn
No 3 (2016) Late preterm infants: main risk factors and outcomes (review) Abstract   PDF (Rus)
L. A. Tymofeeva, D. R. Sharafutdinоva, M. N. Shakaya, V. V. Lazareva
No 3 (2016) Dynamics of proinflammatory cytokines level in stable angina (II–III functional class) Abstract   PDF (Rus)
E. K. Gordeeva, A. H. Kade, S. A. Zanin
No 4 (2016) The combined treatment effectiveness in adult laryngeal papillomatosis patients Abstract   PDF (Rus)
V. M. Svistushkin, V. I. Egorov, A. A. Ragimov, J. M. Mustafaev, K. B. Volkova, A. V. Matveev
No 4 (2016) Various aspects of infusion and transfusion therapy in patients with kidney transplants Abstract   PDF (Rus)
E. L. Salimov, A. A. Ragimov, M. M. Kaabak, I. E. Bayramalibeili
No 4 (2016) Comparative analysis of laser ovarian drilling in surgical management of polycystic ovarian syndrome Abstract   PDF (Rus)
E. S. Aghajanyan, A. I. Ishchenko, V. M. Zuev, T. A. Dzhibladze
No 4 (2016) Severe rheumatoid arthritis with multiple baseline anti-inflammatory drugs intolerance Abstract   PDF (Rus)
D. A. Kusevich, G. R. Imametdinova, N. V. Chichasova, E. L. Nasonov
No 4 (2016) RETRACTED: Anti-relapse chemotherapy in liver echinococcosis Abstract   PDF (Rus)
A. F. Chernousov, T. Y. Mukantaev, D. V. Vychuzhanin, V. V. Levkin, R. M. Nurutdinov
No 2 (2017) Correlation between clinical data and cytokines parameters in patients with Granulomatosis with Poilyangiitis (Wegener Granulomatosis) Abstract   PDF (Rus)
I. A. Lopatina, S. V. Moiseev, P. I. Novikov, L. I. Russu, E. I. Isaeva, M. V. Mezentseva
No 2 (2017) Clinical case of thrombotic microangiopathy in obstetric practice Abstract   PDF (Rus)
M. N. Mochalova, T. E. Belokrinitskaya, T. V. Haven, E. M. Shifman, K. G. Shapovalov, S. V. Kostromitin
No 2 (2017) Gastrointestinal tract functional disorders in children under 1 year in Belgorod Region: prevalence, predicting factors and therapy Abstract   PDF (Rus)
M. M. Gurova, E. A. Procenko
No 2 (2017) Diabetes mellitus and comorbid gastroesophageal reflux disease:risk factors and dynamics Abstract   PDF (Rus)
M. A. Kunitsyna, E. I. Kashkina, T. M. Semikina, E. V. Zhukova
No 2 (2017) Diagnostic capabilities of external respiration function methods in children with bronchial asthma Abstract   PDF (Rus)
A. A. Lebedenko, O. E. Semernik, E. B. Tyurina
No 1 (2017) Arrythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia and “idiopathic” premature ventricular contractions: diagnosis in young patients Abstract   PDF (Rus)
I. A. Khakuasheva, Y. A. Lutokhina, O. V. Blagova
No 1 (2017) Pulmonary and pleura damage in the process cardiosurgical intervention: etiology, pathogenesis, prevention (Review) Abstract   PDF (Rus)
Yu. V. Belov, P. F. Litvitsky, I. A. Vinokurov
No 1 (2017) The parameters of macrohemodynamics and microcirculation in donors during blood donation Abstract   PDF (Rus)
E. M. Lipnitsky, M. R. Gasanov
No 1 (2017) Features current of pregnancy at patients with premature rupture of membranes at term in the city of Yaroslavl Abstract   PDF (Rus)
I. A. Kozlovskaya, T. B. Rogacheva
No 1 (2017) Gonadotropin dependent premature pubertal development in girls. Description of clinical cases Abstract   PDF (Rus)
A. V. Vitebskaya, J. R. Amshinskaya, O. V. Shuminov
No 1 (2017) Regenerative medicine and dentistry (Review) Abstract   PDF (Rus)
D. E. Suetenkov, A. P. Petrova, K. U. Zobnin, T. N. Zhevak
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