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No 1 (2018)
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The article describes the place of interactomics in translational medicine. The approaches and methods used for the detection of protein-protein interactions and the construction of interactomes are described. Examples of electronic databases that work with interactomes are given, as well as examples of consortia of such databases. Examples of the use of interactomes for developing new approaches and methods of treatment of such diseases as cancer, diabetes, schizophrenia are considered. The main difficulties encountered in the construction of interactomes, and the prospects for the development of interactomics are outlined.
16-18 265
The aim of this work is to identify the individual characteristics of the coronary arterial bed (length of channels of the coronary arteries and values of the total lengths of their channels) in different age groups in men and women in norm.Materials and methods. We investigated coronaroangiogramms of 107 people, aged 36 to 74 years. All of the examined coronary angiography was performed in State budgetary institution “A.N. Bakulev Scientific center of cardiovascular surgery” (Director - doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, academician L.A. Bockeria) in 2012, according to the results of examination of pathological changes of coronary arteries was revealed. Among the surveyed women was 50 (46.7 %) and 57 men (53.3 %). Morphometry was carried out in one projection (left anterior oblique to both of the coronary arteries) using the software Syngo Fast View, Adobe Photoshop CS7, statistical data processing - using Microsoft Excel, SPSS.Results. In the elderly people as average and median values of the total length of the branches of the channel of right coronary artery (i. e., all rendered angiography its branches) and the total length of the coronary vessels are greater than the same in people of the second period of mature age.
19-27 376
Sudden death among young people attracts attention of doctors of different specialties - cardiologists, neurologists, pediatricians, doctors of sport medicine. Determination of the cause of death in such cases is legally performed only through forensic medical examination. As a rule, the deceased fall under the category of young, able odied, of reproductively and economically promising age - schoolchildren, students, cadets of higher military institutions, sportsmen or persons engaged in sports activities. The circumstances of the onset of death in young people often include physical activities of different nature. The onset of death occurs against in allegedly healthy people, without any pathology diagnosed intra vitam. However, forensic medical examination always reveals either latent or not diagnosed in time pathology of the cardiovascular system. It is established that among all young people who died suddenly, there are signs of connective tissue dysplasia that are revealed both in external and internal examination of the corpse. The article describes the main clinical and morphological manifestations of connective tissue dysplasia, the pathology of various organs and systems, as well as the causes of sudden death of young people with this pathology.
28-33 236
The review presents new pharmaceuticals for the treatment of anemia in chronic kidney disease that have been developed in recent years and are currently in the clinical testing phase. Mechanisms of action, as well as potential side effects are examined. Based on the analysis of data from preliminary clinical trials, it is concluded that the new pharmaceuticals are highly effective and well tolerated by patients, and in the coming years, could be included in the therapeutic arsenal for treatment of nephrogenic anemia.
34-39 325
The purpose of this study is to assess the features of diurnal blood pressure profile (DBPP) in patients with arterial hypertension (AH) and prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. The study included 133 patients with AH, 30 without disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, 73 with prediabetes and 30 with type 2 diabetes. All patients underwent 24-hour blood pressure monitoring (BPM) using the BPLab Vasotens complex. The study concluded that in patients with AH in combination with prediabetes the DBPP parameters were comparable to those of patients with AH and type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, in case of disturbed carbohydrate metabolism most parameters were reliably higher than those with isolated AH, at that the most significant differences were in the parameters of pulsatile, systolic and diastolic blood pressure (SBP and DBP), mainly at night. It is important that in patients with AH with disturbed carbohydrate metabolism a more pronounced «pressure load» was detected, predominantly at night. When assessing the diurnal profile in patients with AH with prediabetes, an unfavorable type of the «non-dipper» curve was more often detected, as in patients with type 2 diabetes. Thereby, in patients with AH in combination with prediabetes, unlike to patients without disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, there were more significant pathological changes in the parameters of the DBPP, which were comparable to those with AH and type 2 diabetes.
40-47 341
The article is dedicated to the results of complex diagnostics and treatment (including the new methods of enteroscopy) of gastrointestinal bleeding with unknown source. From 14.02.2007 to 19.04.2017 the source of bleeding was revealed in 173 (82,7%) of 209 patients, including small bowel bleeding in 154 (89,0%) patients. The most frequent sources of bleeding were vessel malformations in 39,6% of patients and small bowel tumors in 30,5% of patients. Endoscopic treatment was performed in 32 (21,7%) cases, surgical treatment - in 41 (27,9%) cases, conservative treatment - in 74 (50,4%) cases.
48-53 276
The wide range of materials and methods for restoration the shape and function of the frontal group of teeth appeared due to modern technology in the daily practice of a dentist. The defeat of the aesthetic region of the tooth (especially the vestibular surface) leads to suffering, self-doubt and a decrease in the patients quality of life. In this regard, the doctor bears a high degree of responsibility, and must decide on a method of recovery and choice of material. In modern aesthetic dentistry, polymerizable composite materials are the method of choice when filling the lost volume of hard tissues of vital teeth. Russian materials deserve special attention in the current political and economic situation in our country. A review of the literature showed the need for a detailed study of the properties of composites in the oral cavity for a qualitative selection of the optimal variant both for physical characteristics and for financial accessibility.
54-59 265
Originating from cells of the diffuse neuroendocrine system, neuroendocrine tumors are able to produce biogenic amines and peptide hormones. Due to the significantly different list of biologically active compounds and level of activity of secretory cells in tumor tissues, their clinical manifestations varies. Liver is one of the most frequent targeted organs for metastasizing this type of tumors, regardless of localization. After the patients being diagnosed, all the treatment measures are focused on two aspects. The first is to suppress the clinical symptoms and improve the living quality. The second one, an increase in life expectancy. Among all the potentially effectible treatments, surgical resection is the only one that may radically kill the disease. However, its application are limited in some cases. In this regard, in the strategy of therapeutic approaches of neuroendocrine tumors with metastases in the liver, a combination of medical, surgical and renal surgical methods comes to the fore.
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The aim of this work was the development and validation of methods for determination of biologically active compound KOH-1 with proven nootropic activity in blood plasma by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with ultraviolet detection (HPLC-UV). A simple, rapid and unlaborious procedure was proposed for sample preparation of plasma for chromatographic analysis, which ensures a high percentage of analyte extraction from the bioobject (more than 80%). Under the developed conditions, the lower limit of the quantitative determination of KOH-1 in plasma was 35 ng /ml. Estimated as a result of validation the precision of the method did not exceed 7%, the accuracy of the method was 93,5 - 112,8%. The developed bioanalytical technique was tested on blood samples of laboratory animals and humans and used in preclinical pharmacokinetic studies.
66-71 306
Development of pharmaceutical industry in Russia requires for a common approach to the qualification and standardization of manufacturing process for drug products. To achieve this goal the package of relevant legal Acts was approved in Russia in 2015-2016, aimed at harmonizing the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP, in particular in the field of inspection.

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