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No 3 (2018)
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17-24 376
The article analyzes the research works devoted to the study of principles of management of patient safety. Used medical databases MEDLINE, Cochrane Collaboration, EMBASE, SCOPE, ISI Web of Science for the period 1991-2017. In most studies a strict sequence of origin of the harm associated with healthcare management (adverse event or unintended injury), which is based on constant system of causes - latent threats, is shown. The development of an adverse event begins with the activation of the latent threat and turning it into an active threat of group 1 (dangerous situation), which is the cause of the active threats of group 2 (errors and failures). Active threats of group 2 lead to dangerous events (incidents), which are a potential or real cause of unintended injury. Latent and active threats exist on three levels - personnel, environment and patient. Management of latent threats at all levels is at the heart of patient safety, reducing the frequency and severity of unintended injury.
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The article analyzes the main biochemical markers of oral fluid in dental pathology in children with psychoneurological disorders.
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Among the chronic nonspecific lung diseases, bronchial asthma (BA) takes the leading place. BA in children is primarily diagnosed on the basis of clinical manifestations, methods of functional diagnosis, which allows you to verify the disease and assess the severity of the flow. An important role in the pathogenesis of asthma is played by the microcirculation system, affecting the course and progression of the disease. Dysfunction of microcirculation system supports chronic inflammatory process, affecting the level of perfusion, metabolism and gas exchange. The study was carried out on the basis of the University Children's Clinical Hospital (pulmonology department) of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov Ministry of Health of Russia (Sechenovsky University). 100 children aged 6-17 years with asthma were examined. Based on the study of the nature of microcirculatory disorders by the LDF method in bronchial asthma in children with different severity of the disease, correlation links between microcirculation indices, clinical manifestations and external respiration function (spirometry and computer bronchophonography) in children have been revealed. The observed decrease in microcirculation during the exacerbation of asthma is short-term and insignificant in mild severity and is longer and more significant with moderate BA, which supports a chronic inflammatory process in the bronchi. Correction of disorders of microcirculation is an important link in the therapeutic approach.
36-40 986
Recently, the alterative effect of stress on periodontium, which is associated with the disturbance of lipid peroxidation processes, is increasingly being considered. In this regard, in order to reduce the severity of clinical manifestations of periodontitis in the acute stage, it is advisable to use antioxidant and antihypoxic therapy. In an experimental study, a comparative analysis of inflammatory-destructive periodontal lesions was performed at different levels of stress, and the therapeutic effect of acyzole on the degree of regeneration of soft periodontal tissues under the given conditions was determined.
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The purpose of the study was to assess the quality of the functionality of CAD-CAM full-arch fixed implant-supported monolithic zirconia dental prostheses with digital modelling of the occlusal surface. We conducted a clinical (external examination, examination of the oral cavity and prostheses, muscle palpation) and paraclinical examination of 20 patients (of them men - 61.3%, women - 38.7%) aged 41-77 years (57.19±9.05). Prostheses were based on 237 implants Nobel Replace/Select/Groovy, Nobel Parallel CC. The number of supports for one prostheses was from 6 to 10, which averaged 7.64±1.08. ZICERAM, PRETTAU ZIRCONIA were used for creating CAD-CAM full-arch fixed implant-supported monolithic zirconia dental prostheses. To record the biopotentials of the masticatory muscles, the electroneuromyographic system "Synapsis" with surface electrodes was used. Electronic registration of movements of the mandible was carried out on an electronic axiograph "CADIAX 3 diagnostic", using the software "Gamma Dental Software". Statistical processing of the data was carried out using a PC in an Excel 2016 using the IBM SPSS Statistics 23 statistical software package. The survival rate was 100% for implants and prostheses. Additional in vitro and clinical studies will be required for more scientific analysis of the criteria for design of this type of prosthesis to minimize all types complications.
49-53 315
It is conducted researches of frequency of rheumatic diseases among 4000 people of the organised and unorganized populations of inhabitants of Tiraspol. On the first place in structure rheumatic diseases is оsttoartrit which relative density makes 60.0%, on the second place - an revmatic arthritis - 7%, on the third place - spondilo arthritis - 6%. The gout - of 5.5%, jet arthritises of 3.0% and system defeats of a connecting fabric - 1.4% Further has settled down. Thus оsteoartrit it was defined with frequency of 10.1% of cases, revmatic arthritis - 0.3%, a gout of 0.22%, jet arthritise arthritis - 0.03%, the spondilo arthritis - 0.04% and system defeats of a connecting fabric - 0.10%, etc. At comparison of the received data about frequency rheumatic diseases in Dnestr region Moldova with the data of similar researches in the Russian Federation have been established that they approximately correspond to the data across the Russian Federation. Besides almost at everythird patient with rheumatic diseases (32.4%) were defined signs abnormal connective tissue , and meteorticulate a syndrome the obtained data allows to put forward the assumption of interrelation rheumatic diseases with, abnormal connective tissue which presence, most likely, causes a spectrum accompanying rheumatic diseases somatic diseases.
54-58 365
Background. Knowing the radiologic anatomy of the mandibular canal is essential to perform optimal anesthetic techniques in dentistry, especially in endodontic and surgical procedures. Bifid mandibular canals figure as anatomic variations that may hamper dental anesthesia and lead to surgical accidents.Objective. This study aims to investigate the prevalence of bifid mandibular canals in cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) images of patients under dental treatment.Material and methods. The sample consisted of 700 patients (448 females and 252 males) under dental treatment. CBCT images taken from each patient for dental treatment purposes were analyzed retrospectively in order to search for bifid mandibular canals. The detected bifid mandibular canals were classified according to their morphological arrangement and the prevalence of this anatomic variation was tested for association with patients’ sex using Pearson’s Chi-square test (2).Results. The prevalence rate of bifid mandibular canals reached 2% (n=14). Mandibular canals with an additional bifurcation towards the anterior region of the mandibular ramus were the most prevalent (100%). Lack of statistical association was observed between the occurrence of bifid mandibular canals and patients’ sex ( p >0.05).Conclusion. Despite uncommon, bifid mandibular canals may occur. Dentists must be aware of this anatomic variation to perform safely and optimally in the clinical routine.
59-63 536
The pharmacovigilance system currently represents as a complex of interstate, state, departmental and public institutions. This system provides the receipt and processing of information about facts and circumstances that pose a threat to life or health for person who using drugs at all stages of life cycle of drugs. In addition, in the framework of pharmacovigilance activities, a continuous evaluation benefit and risk of the use of registered and developed drugs. On the way to its formation, the Russian pharmacovigilance system is face a challenge with a spectrum of problems, including the fragmentation of the conclusions formulated and the identification of polymorphic "targets" for the subsequent appropriate managerial decisions at pharmacovigilance field. Classification of existing problems at the field of pharmacovigilance is the technique of integration variety of studied objects to several systematized groups for the subsequent high-level review of the way for optimization and the possibilities for increasing its effectiveness. The results of the studies using methods of content analysis of publications of pharmacovigilance, statistical analysis of spontaneous reports and a sociological survey made it possible to identify a number of problems in the Russian pharmacovigilance system that were grouped of five types: political, organizational, information, cultural and personal. These analyzes allow us to determine the way for further research of the possibilities for increasing the effectiveness of the pharmacovigilance system based on the integrated development of ways for optimize the activity of the leading pharmacovigilance subjects in five problem areas.
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The article presents the results of a study of technological parameters (specific mass, bulk mass, volume mass, porosity, quantity cavities between particles, free volume of a layer of the crude materials and coefficient of absorption of solvents) and individual the numerical indicators of the quality (moisture; ash residue: total and insoluble in 10% solution of hydrochloric acid; chopped crude materials; extraneous materials) of the Canadian goldenrod herb. The content of extractive substances was determine. The obtained data will be used in the technological process in the production of extraction preparations.
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The functions of excitable tissues are basic for the vital functions of the organs and systems of the body. The physiology of excitable tissues is not only a part of molecular-cellular physiology, but also the physiology of functional systems, contributing to the formation of systematic knowledge of life processes. The functions of excitable tissues are determined by hereditary factors, form a single functional environment and contribute to system genesis. They are an integral part of the information and executive processes of functional systems and ensure the continuity of the body's functions.
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The study of the spatial and temporal characteristics of the gait of children and adolescents is an important task. The purpose of this study was to determine the spatial and temporal characteristics of the gait of children and adolescents of different age categories who systematically engage in sports.Methods. On motion capture complex Vicon in the Center for Collective Use "Three-dimensional study of the biomechanics of motion" of the Astrakhan State University, 43 children were examined: 22 children in the control group and 21 children in the study group.Results. Quantitative indicators of the spatial and temporal characteristics of the gait of children engaged in sports dancing were obtained and a comparative analysis of this data with the control group was carried out. An increase of walking speed and cadence, a decrease in the time of single and double support in male athletes in the 7-12 year old group was revealed; increased of walking speed and cadence, a marked decrease in the time of single support, a decrease in the limp index in female athletes in the 7-12 year old group; an increase the cadence in female athletes in the group of 12-15 years.Conclusions. Doing sport every day helps with the spatio-temporal changes of the walk among children and teenagers. The imbalance of the motor function is examined among girls, that doing sports between the age of 7-12, so that’s why it needs a special attention from doctors, traumatologist and orthopedists.

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